You may book your own activities. If you book for yourself and you know what you want, that’s the best option. If you book for a bigger group and or you want advice for your program, we have several paid options that you may use to create a successful City Safari. Of course any information about how things work is free of charge and also if you ask us to make a proposal there will be no obligations on your part until you agree to it. But when we really get to work for you there’s a fee for our services. This is calculated per person participating in the group on top of the prices that are listed on the site for the activities.

For a full service, tailor made program you will pay €40 per person on top of the list price. It includes discussing your wishes and creating a proposal that we refine until you’re satisfied. Then we book the activities for you and put the program in your City Safari Account with an Acrobat file per visit. For each group we make a printed program in a folder with a detailed instruction on how to get from one address to the next and our agent will give a personal introduction and assistance during your City Safari to solve any problem that may arise. You may save €10 per person if you waive the printed programs and another €10 per person if you don’t need the assistance during the day. Below you find a more detailed description of these optional services.

Printed Programs

If you book an activity yourself, we will place an Acrobat file in MY CITY SAFARI that you can download to your smartphone. It holds all the information that you need for your visit: a description, the address, the lon/lat co-ordinates, the time and a location on Google Maps. So you don’t really need a printed program to find your way.

Yet, when you go with multiple groups that each have their own program, it may be complex to send the info to everyone’s smartphone and expect them to find their way with public transport on Google Maps. Many of our clients prefer a printed program with a step by step description for how to get around, a description of the activities and a map of the city indicating the locations. There’s a printed program for every participant and an original City Safari folder with map for every group. The price for this service is €10 per person.

Personal Assistance

It is essential for a City Safari that you go into the city without a guide. With an assisted program that’s no different. A personal meeting should have no intermediary. Yet many of our clients prefer to put the role of Master of Ceremony in our hands. The whole company starts together. At the starting venue, the agent will give an introduction about City Safari and about the program. Then she’ll make sure every participant knows which sub-group they’re in and sends them on their way.

Every participant has her mobile number and the agent will be stand by till the end of the program. If you lose your way or if you run late, she’ll inform the host and if a host would inadvertently have an emergency, she’ll make sure you are informed about an alternative.

In the top photo you can see Marjolijn Masselink instruct a big group in a mosque in The Hague. Leaving that part to us, will give you the peace of mind to enjoy the day with your co-workers or friends. The cost of this service for the assistance from start to finish is €10 per person.