Most of the activities are limited to six persons. The reason for that is the personal character of the meeting. For a host it’s hard to have personal communication with a crowd. If you want to go on a City Safari with larger parties, you can of course book parallel programs. If you’d like a program to last an afternoon, with the option to all come together at the end to exchange experiences, you are welcome to make all the bookings yourself. But we will be happy to do all the work for you. The advantage is that our Preferred Agent for a city knows all the hosts and can create a program that exactly fits your wishes: a certain theme, a part of the city, the right mix of active and passive, finding a restaurant in style to conclude your City Safari... Also the Preferred Agent has access to hosts who do not want to be advertised on the platform, but are willing to receive guests directly through us. The Preferred Agent can print programs for every group with the logistics, provide tickets for public transport and she will be stand by to solve any problems that may arise during your City Safari. So the client may have a wonderful afternoon with his colleagues without any worries. For a full service Corporate City Safari, we will charge €36 per person including taxes on top of the listed price of the individual activities. We will send you an invoice, including all individual bookings, VAT and other data that your bookkeeper will be happy with.

You may also call us directly at +31 10 436 3567 or email us at