We hebben enorm genoten. (Jack Nuijten) • • One of my fullest and favourite days in Rotterdam. (Valia Tamvaki) • • Creating relationships in a deep level. (Valia Tamvaki) • • Understand a little bit more what is happening around us. (Valia Tamvaki) • • Het is uniek om zo ontvangen te worden. (Jessica Buurs) • • Goed georganiseerd met een grote diversiteit. (Elly Smits) • • Heerlijke en informatieve dag met elkaar! (Pim Candel) • • Heel verrassend en bijzonder. (Pim Candel) • • Ik zou het aanraden aan alle bedrijven, vrienden en collega’s. (Pim Candel) • • Het concept van City Safari is mooi en effectief. (Hans van Leeuwen) • • It was a good experience, really inspiring. (Jongere NJI) • • The day was full of interesting things to think about. (Jongere NJI) • • It changed my thoughts about the way I want to live my life. (Jongere NJI) • • A fun way to discover the diverse city of Rotterdam. (Jogere NJI) • • Really nice mix of different activiteit, perfect time planning. (Jongere NJI) • • Amazing! More time at the Herenplaats please! (Jongere NJI) • • I am glad that I participated! (Jongere NJI) • • I saw something new in my life and felt very lucky because of this. (Jongere NJI) • • We had very inspriring conversations. (Jongere NJI) • • Very well organized, very good descriptions, very interesting people to meet. (Jongere NJI) • • The day as a whole was very inspring. I felt home! (Jongere NJI) • • Keep it up! You are making this world a better place! (Jongere NJI) • • It was nice and I enjoyed it! (Jongere NJI) • • The program was really inspiring and eye opening! (Jongere NJI) • • I would defenitely like to do a program like this again! (Jongere NJI) • • The day just went so fast. (Jongere NJI) • • The visit to Herenplaats was one of the best experiences in my life! (Jongere NJI) • • Wanna go again! (Jongere NJI) • • It was a wonderful day with a lot of fun and inspiring conversations. (Jongere NJI) • • A very good experience to see and understand the society. (Jongere NJI) • • Really nice, really interesting and inspiring to discover all thoze amazing places. (Jongere NJI) • • Een hele leuke en inspirerende dag vol bijzondere ontmoetingen. (Aziza Sbiti) • • We zijn heel wat gewend, maar werden toch erg geraakt door de bijzondere verhalen en • • omstandigheden. (Aziza Sbiti)



Nicky's leathercraft


For 35 years, I’m working with leather in Suriname In Guyana where I was born it was my hobby. When I was 23 years old I left from Guyana to Surinam to build a new future. It was a new experience and I had to adjust to the new environment. I had to learn to speak the Dutch language. A lot of talking to people has helped me to learn to speak the Dutch language. 15 years ago, I used exclusive Surinamese leather for my handicraft. But unfortunately, the tannery closed in Suriname and I was forced to use leather from Guyana and Brazil. This is the reason why I speak Portuguese. I want to retain the job of working with leather in Suriname. And would like to set up a new Surinamese tannery. You can create as many different types of products from leather and the admiration and compliments that you receive from the people give me a satisfied feeling. The products are made with great care and love. With great pleasure, I would like to share my gift with others in workshops and courses. In my workshop, I’ll learn you how you can make a nice souvenir from a piece of leather. I would like to offer you my personal story as a teaching artist in Surinam. While I tell you my story, you can enjoy a tasty snack. You are welcome to my workshop

LANGUAGE: Portuguese
DURATION: 120 Minutes
CATEGORY: Crafts, Culture