We hebben enorm genoten. (Jack Nuijten) • • One of my fullest and favourite days in Rotterdam. (Valia Tamvaki) • • Creating relationships in a deep level. (Valia Tamvaki) • • Understand a little bit more what is happening around us. (Valia Tamvaki) • • Het is uniek om zo ontvangen te worden. (Jessica Buurs) • • Goed georganiseerd met een grote diversiteit. (Elly Smits) • • Heerlijke en informatieve dag met elkaar! (Pim Candel) • • Heel verrassend en bijzonder. (Pim Candel) • • Ik zou het aanraden aan alle bedrijven, vrienden en collega’s. (Pim Candel) • • Het concept van City Safari is mooi en effectief. (Hans van Leeuwen) • • It was a good experience, really inspiring. (Jongere NJI) • • The day was full of interesting things to think about. (Jongere NJI) • • It changed my thoughts about the way I want to live my life. (Jongere NJI) • • A fun way to discover the diverse city of Rotterdam. (Jogere NJI) • • Really nice mix of different activiteit, perfect time planning. (Jongere NJI) • • Amazing! More time at the Herenplaats please! (Jongere NJI) • • I am glad that I participated! (Jongere NJI) • • I saw something new in my life and felt very lucky because of this. (Jongere NJI) • • We had very inspriring conversations. (Jongere NJI) • • Very well organized, very good descriptions, very interesting people to meet. (Jongere NJI) • • The day as a whole was very inspring. I felt home! (Jongere NJI) • • Keep it up! You are making this world a better place! (Jongere NJI) • • It was nice and I enjoyed it! (Jongere NJI) • • The program was really inspiring and eye opening! (Jongere NJI) • • I would defenitely like to do a program like this again! (Jongere NJI) • • The day just went so fast. (Jongere NJI) • • The visit to Herenplaats was one of the best experiences in my life! (Jongere NJI) • • Wanna go again! (Jongere NJI) • • It was a wonderful day with a lot of fun and inspiring conversations. (Jongere NJI) • • A very good experience to see and understand the society. (Jongere NJI) • • Really nice, really interesting and inspiring to discover all thoze amazing places. (Jongere NJI) • • Een hele leuke en inspirerende dag vol bijzondere ontmoetingen. (Aziza Sbiti) • • We zijn heel wat gewend, maar werden toch erg geraakt door de bijzondere verhalen en • • omstandigheden. (Aziza Sbiti)

We invite you for a personal meeting with unique persons: a refugee, a veteran, a violin builder, a storyteller, or you go to a temple, a mosque, a social initiative… You pick the meeting, we make sure that you’re expected.


Cycling Jazz at the South bank


Bach in Boxing School I Believe with Joachim Eijlander and Heather Ware. Beats and Bubbles with Elvis Hi-man and Javi Herrero Cámara in Pavilion on the Water. A Sound Concert of Under the Surface in the Kocatepe Mosque. City Safari and North Sea Round Town will let you explore South Rotterdam. After the internal migration from the provinces of Zeeland and Brabant as the work force of the expanding port of Rotterdam, the Italians, the Turks and Moroccans followed and now fresh immigrants in the Asylum Seekers Centre find their place in society. Biking from location to location, we’ll find the southern treasures and they keep changing as South is far from completed. The rhythm of driving piles for new foundations and the nostalgia for the old lands form a great inspiration for six extraordinary concerts on location on the south bank of Rotterdam. We will visit: Paviljoen aan het Water Koçatepe Moskee Islemunda AZC Beverwaard Boxing school I Believe Van Brienenoord island On Sunday, Jult 7 at 10 am we will gather at Lantaren/Venster and we’ll return there at 6 pm. You need your own bike (TIP: you may rent an OV bike at Wilhelminapier). We have room for a limited number of participants. Lunch is included. If you want breakfast before the start, buy a combo ticket including breakfast. Breakfast is served at 9 am in Lantaren/Venster. When: Su July 7, 10:00 to 18:00 hrs including lunch Where: South Rotterdam, cycling independently with directions Start: Lantaren/Venster, Otto Reuchlinweg 996 Bring: your bike Attention: Limited number of participants! Join us? The BOOK NOW button will redirect you to the Lantaren/Venster ticketing site.

LANGUAGE: English, Dutch
DURATION: 480 Minutes
CATEGORY: Arts, Culture